Upgrading ACL Analytics

This section provides instructions for upgrading installations of ACL Analytics that use either a perpetual license or a subscription license. Follow the upgrade instructions for the type of license you have.

Previous versions of ACL Analytics 10 are automatically upgraded to version 10.5.1 by the ACL Analytics installer. You do not have to uninstall these previous versions prior to running the installer. Upgrading from any of the previous versions of ACL Analytics 10 is a major upgrade, except for upgrading from 10.5.0, which is a minor upgrade.

A major upgrade automatically uninstalls the previous version before installing the new version. A minor upgrade replaces the ACLWin.exe application executable in the ACL application directory.

You can also upgrade ACL Analytics silently. For more information, see Upgrading ACL Analytics using silent upgrade.

Installed version

Upgrade to

Upgrade type




10.0.2, 10.0.1, 10.0



Versions of ACL Desktop prior to 10.0

Versions of ACL Desktop prior to 10.0 are not upgraded to 10.5.1 when you run the ACL Analytics installer. They continue to exist side by side with the 10.5.1 installation, or they can be uninstalled in a separate operation.

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