PAUSE command

Used to display information for users in a dialog box while a script is running.


PAUSE message <IF test>



Specifies the quoted string or Character expression, of up to 200 characters, to display in the dialog box.

IF test

Optional. Specifies a condition that must be met. The command is only executed on records that pass the test.


You can use the PAUSE command to display read-only messages on screen for the user. You can display error messages or information such as the result of an analytic operation.

This command cannot be included inside the GROUP command, and is not supported in ACL Analytics Exchange analytics, or in ACL Server scripts.


The following example displays the error message “The product class must be a 2-digit value.” in a dialog box and waits for the user to click the OK button to clear the dialog box and resume running the script.

PAUSE "The product class must be a 2-digit value."

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