Used to save table layout metadata to an ACL table.




TO file_name

Specifies the name of the output ACL table and the associated .fil file. The .fil file extension does not need to be specified. The table is saved in the same folder as the ACL project.

You can also specify an absolute or relative file path to save the table to another, existing folder.

You must specify the file_name value as a quoted string if the name of the file, or the path, contains any spaces.


The SAVE LAYOUT TABLE command extracts metadata from the table layout for the open table and saves it to a new ACL table. Having access to this metadata in an ACL script can allow you to make decisions in the script based on the information.

For each field in the open table the following pieces of table layout metadata are saved. The name of the field containing the metadata in the new table appears in parentheses at the end of each line below. These field names in the new table are always generated in English regardless of which localized version of ACL you might be using.

Computed fields are included in the saved metadata, but the expression used by the computed field, and any conditions, are not recorded. Start position, field length, and decimal places are also not recorded for computed fields.

Related fields are not included because they are not part of the table layout. Field-level filters and field notes are not included.

The values recorded for alternate column title and column width are the ones specified in the table layout, not the view-level values that can also be specified for columns.

Table data is not saved by the command, only metadata.


The following examples save a copy of the metadata in the table layout used by the open table to an ACL table called “Ap_Trans_layout_metadata”. In the first example, the ACL table is saved in the ACL project folder. In the second example, the ACL table is saved in the specified folder.

SAVE LAYOUT TABLE TO Ap_Trans_layout_metadata

SAVE LAYOUT TABLE TO "C:\ACL DATA\AP Audit 2013\Ap_Trans_layout_metadata"

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