The ANALYTIC tag is used to identify a script as an analytic. An ACLScript COMMENT command must be entered on the first line in the script, followed by the ANALYTIC tag on the second line. If the ANALYTIC tag is used in any other location it is ignored. One or more scripts in an ACL project can include an analytic declaration.



Specifies the name to assign to the analytic. The name is used to identify the analytic in AX Web Client and AX Client. Characters that cannot be used in Windows filenames (< > : “ / \ | ? *) should not be used in analytic names, because they will prevent the resulting project from opening if the analytic is exported.


Optional. Descriptive text that specifies the purpose of the analytic or other information. The description can be multiline, but it cannot skip lines. The description must be entered on the line below the associated ANALYTIC tag.


The following example shows a basic analytic declaration with a description of the purpose of the analytic.

  //ANALYTIC Identify missing checks
  This analytic identifies missing check numbers.

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