The FILE tag is used to define an input file to use in an analytic. The specified input file must be located in the Related Files folder in the activity where the analytic is located.


//FILE filename

The name of the item in the Related Files folder to use as an input table for an analytic. The filename cannot include a path.

If the exact filename is not known in advance, or varies by month or other predictable criteria, you can use wildcards to specify the filename. Use a single asterisk (*) to substitute for zero or more characters. For example, Inv12* would match all of the following: Inv12, Inv123, and Inv1234. You can also use the following syntax to specify a variable filename and file extension: *.* For example, *.* would match all files in the Related Files folder, or Inv_*.* would match either of the following: Inv_Jan.pdf, Inv_Feb.xls


The following example shows filenames being specified by providing the exact name, using a wildcard, and selecting all files in the Related Files folder.

//FILE FlaggedAccounts.csv
//FILE Flagged*.csv
//FILE *.*

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