Installing ACL Workstation


You must have administrator rights on the computer on which you are installing ACL Workstation.

Installing ACL Workstation creates a desktop shortcut that connects to ACL Network – either across a network, or on the same computer, depending on how you have decided to configure ACL Network. Installing ACL Workstation also creates the Sample Data Files folder, with sample ACL projects and associated files. The Sample Data Files folder is also the default ACL working directory.

You can install ACL Workstation using the ACL Workstation setup wizard, or the silent, or unattended, installation. The sections that follow explain both of these methods.

You can also install ACL Workstation, if you want it on the same computer as ACL Network, by selecting the ACL Workstation entry in the ACL Network setup wizard. For more information, see Installing ACL Network using the setup wizard.


Do not install ACL Workstation on the computer where the security directory is located. ACL Workstation will not function if it is on the same computer as the security directory.

Before installing ACL Workstation make sure the following prerequisites are in place:

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