Rights and permissions required by ACL Network

Specific Windows rights and folder permissions are required to install and run ACL Network and ACL Workstation.

Windows rights

To install ACL Network or ACL Workstation, you must have administrator rights on the computer on which you are performing the installation. You also need administrator rights on the computer hosting ACL Network in order to grant end users the folder permissions they require to run ACL Network.

To use one of the .msi files to silently install or upgrade ACL Network or ACL Workstation, you need to run the Windows command line as an administrator. Right-click cmd.exe and select Run as administrator.

Windows folder permissions

End users require specific Windows permissions on three ACL Network folders – two folders on the computer hosting ACL Network, and the security directory folder, wherever you have chosen to locate it. Users require the permissions in order to install ACL Workstation (if users will be installing ACL Workstation themselves), and to use ACL Workstation to run ACL Network across a network. The required permissions are a combination of folder-level Sharing permissions and Security permissions (NTFS permissions), both accessed by right-clicking a folder and selecting Properties. You can grant the permissions to individual users, or to a user group. The permissions are outlined in Table 1.


Sharing permissions take precedence over security permissions when connecting to a folder across a network. When connecting to a folder locally, sharing permissions have no effect. Locally, folder security is entirely controlled by security permissions.

Table 1. Windows folder permissions required by end users


Sharing permissions

Security permissions

ACL Network application executable folder

(default: C:\ACL Software\ACL Analytics 10 on the computer hosting ACL Network)

  • Read

    (required if running ACL Network across a network)

  • Read & Execute

  • List Folder Contents

  • Read

ACL Workstation setup file folder

(default: C:\ACL Software\ACL Analytics 10\WS on the computer hosting ACL Network)

  • Read

    (required if navigating to ACL Workstation setup file across a network)

  • Read & Execute

  • List Folder Contents

  • Read

    (inherited from application executable folder)

security directory folder

(client-specified name and location, no default – can be on the computer hosting ACL Network, or on another computer)

If the security directory is a subfolder, the sharing permissions must be applied to the top-level folder containing the security directory.

  • Change

  • Read

    (always required because the security directory cannot be on the same computer as ACL Workstation)

  • Modify

  • Read & Execute

  • List Folder Contents

  • Read

  • Write

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