Upgrading ACL Workstation using the setup wizard (minor upgrade)

The following procedure outlines the steps for performing a minor upgrade of ACL Workstation from version 10.5.0 to 10.5.1.

To upgrade ACL Workstation (minor upgrade):

  1. On the end user’s computer, close all other Windows applications.
  2. Navigate to the WS subfolder on the computer hosting ACL Network.

    The default location is: C:\ACL Software\ACL Analytics 10\WS. If you cannot see the WS subfolder on your network, appropriate Windows rights and folder permissions may not have been set up. For more information, see Rights and permissions required by ACL Network.

  3. Double-click setupWS.exe.
  4. Click Yes in the dialog box confirming the upgrade.
  5. If you are prompted to install prerequisites, click Install. After the prerequisites are installed, the ACL Workstation installer automatically proceeds.
  6. In the Resuming the Setup Wizard page, click Next.
  7. When the upgrade process is complete, click Finish.

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