Sorting or indexing records using computed fields

Sorting or indexing records using computed fields is explained in general terms below. For detailed information about creating computed fields, and performing sorting or indexing, see the relevant sections of this guide.

To sort or index records using a computed field:

  1. Using an appropriate expression, create a computed field based on the sort or index key field.
  2. If you are going to perform an indexing operation, add the computed field to the view.
  3. Using the computed field as the key field, perform the regular sorting or indexing procedure.
    • If necessary, specify a descending order for the computed field. Some expressions require a descending order to position results at the top of the table.

    • If you want to sequentially order results within groupings created by the expression, select both the computed field and the key field when sorting or indexing. Make sure to select the computed field first, so that it takes precedence over the key field.

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