Creating Crystal Reports templates

You can create a Crystal Reports template in ACL that contains the required field definitions for an ACL table, and fields to contain the header and footer information specified in ACL (ACL Header and ACL Footer). The template includes field information, such as data type and field length, but does not include data or a report layout. The layout of each Crystal Report must be completed using the full version of Crystal Reports.

Once the template is created it can be used with any ACL table that shares the field definitions used in the report template.


The Crystal Reports component used to create reports from ACL does not presently support field names that contain double-byte characters. In ACL, you must only use non-Unicode characters (such as Latin characters) for field names. You can re-label the fields using double-byte characters when you edit the template in Crystal Reports.

To create a Crystal Reports template:

  1. Open a view and select Data > Crystal Reports > Create Template.
  2. Type the path and name of the report template to create in the Template Path text box, or click Browse and specify the filename and folder for the report template.
  3. Do one of the following to select the fields that you want to include in the report template:
    • Click Add All to include all of the available fields in the report template.

    • Click an individual field in the Available fields list and then click the right-arrow button to include it in the report template.

    • Ctrl+click multiple fields in the Available fields list and then click the right-arrow button to include them in the report template.

  4. If you have a full version of Crystal Reports installed on your workstation and want to launch the application, select Launch Crystal Reports application.
  5. Click OK to create the blank template.
  6. Click OK in the confirmation dialog box.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • If you have a full version of Crystal Reports, you can complete the template yourself in the Crystal Reports application.

    • If you do not have a full version of Crystal Reports, give the template to a Crystal Reports user to complete the template.


    In the Crystal Reports application, the fields that you added to the template are available in the Database Fields folder.

    After the template is complete, you can use it to generate reports from within ACL.

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