Creating scripts from log entries

You can use the log entries in the Log tab in the Project Navigator as the starting point for creating a new script. Each command executed by ACL is recorded in the log. You can save individual entries, a series of entries associated with a table, or larger groups of entries associated with a session or time period to a new script.

To create a script from log entries:

  1. In the Project Navigator, click the Log tab to display the log.
  2. Select the sessions and individual commands that you would like to include in the script. If you choose higher level items in the treeview the subentries will be selected automatically.
  3. Right-click in the Project Navigator treeview and select Save Selected Items > Script.
  4. In the Save Script As dialog box, enter a name for the new script and click OK.

    The new script is added to the Overview tab in the Project Navigator in the same folder as the table open in ACL, or in the root project folder if there is not an open table.

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