Searching online help


The online help system requires specific search terms and performs a keyword search. It does not work with a natural language search. For example, entering summarize returns a number of topics. Entering How do I summarize returns nothing.

To search online help:

  1. Click the Search tab in the help window and enter a word, or two or three words, you want to search for.

    Initially try your search without any quotation marks. If you want to restrict the number of results, put double quotation marks around the search term or terms.

  2. Optional. Click the arrow at the end of the search text box to select any of the following Boolean operators: AND, OR, NEAR, NOT.

    You can fine-tune your search by build search strings that use one or more Boolean operators.

  3. Click List Topics or press Enter.
  4. To view the content of a topic, double-click the topic title in the list of results, or select the topic and click Display.

    The search term or terms are highlighted in the displayed topic. To turn off the highlighting, right-click the topic and select Refresh.

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