Numeric value formatting

The numeric formatting applied to numeric values displayed in views and reports can be configured in three separate areas of ACL depending on the level of customization required for a column.

Numeric format syntax

The formatting applied to numeric values in ACL is specified using a format mask that defines the required layout for each numeric value. For example, the format mask $99 could be used to display any value less than $100, because each 9 indicates that any digit between 0 and 9 can be displayed, with the dollar sign displayed next to the value.

Format masks are defined using the following components:

Table 1 lists the default format masks you can select from in ACL and the output they produce for the number -100234.56. You can use these format masks as defined, modify them to suit your requirements, or define you own format masks.

Table 1. Default numeric formats

Format Mask














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