Creating views

The first time you open an ACL table a view named Default_View is created that includes all of the fields defined in the table layout with the default properties specified in the table layout. You can modify this view and save it with a different name to create a new view, or you can create a new view and define all of the settings. The following procedure outlines the steps for creating a new empty view.

To create a new view:

  1. Open the ACL table you want to create the view for.
  2. Right-click a view button at the bottom of the View tab and select New.
  3. In the Add View dialog box, enter a name for the view and click OK.
  4. In the Add Columns dialog box, complete any of the following tasks:
    • Click Add All to add all of the columns to the view.

    • Click an individual column in the Available Fields list and then click the right-arrow button to add it to the view.

    • Ctrl+click multiple fields in the Available Fields list and then click the right-arrow button to add them to the view.

    • Click Expr to open the Expression Builder, and create an expression to add to the view.

    • If you want to use an expression to modify a column after you add it to the Selected Fields list, select the column and click Edit to open the Expression Builder.

  5. If the table has one or more a related tables associated with it, you can add fields from any of the related tables by selecting the table in the From Table drop-down list, and adding the fields you want to include to the Selected Fields list.
  6. Click OK.

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