Maintaining views for ACL projects

You can add views, remove views, or copy views from one table to another in an ACL project in the Project Properties dialog box. When you import or copy views they are automatically associated with the table currently open in the ACL project.

To maintain views for an ACL project:

  1. If you want to importing one or more views, open the ACL table you want to associate the view(s) with.

    If you import views when there is no ACL table open, the imported views are not associated with any table, and the table name is listed as “Untitled” in the Project Properties dialog box. For example: Imported_View[Untitled]. If you want to associate the view with an ACL table you need to close the dialog box, open the appropriate table in ACL, and then complete the steps below and copy the view as described in step 6 below.

  2. Right-click the ACL project in the Overview tab in the Project Navigator and select Properties. The ACL project is the top-level folder in the treeview.
  3. Click the Views tab.
  4. If you want to delete a view, select the view in the list and click Delete.
  5. If you want to import one or more views from another ACL project, complete the following steps:
    1. Click Import.
    2. In the Locate Project File dialog box, navigate to the appropriate folder and select the ACL project file you want to import one or more views from, and click Open.
    3. In the Import dialog box select the view(s) to import in the From list and click the right-arrow button. You can Ctrl+click in the From list to select multiple views. Alternatively, you can click Add All to add all of the listed views to the To list.
    4. Click OK to import the view(s).
  6. If you want to copy a view from a table in the ACL project to the table currently open in ACL, select the view to copy and click Apply. If the view you are copying is already associated with the current table, a copy of the view is created with the same name, with the number 2 appended to the end of the name. If the view is associated with another table, the view is added to the table with the same name as the table it was copied from. If no table is open in ACL the Apply button is disabled.
  7. Click OK.

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