Adding analytic headers


Prior to version 5 of ACL Analytics Exchange, and version 11 of ACL Analytics, analytic headers were called analytic declarations.

After you develop and test the scripts in an ACL project, you need to add an analytic header to one or more of the scripts before the project can be used as an analysis app in AX Client, AX Web Client, or the Analysis App window. An analytic header is a series of analytic tags enclosed in an ACLScript comment block. For information about the purpose of each analytic tag, and the required syntax, see ACL analytic header syntax.

Keep the following points in mind when you add analytic headers to scripts:

The following is an example of a complete analytic header:

//ANALYTIC Identify missing checks
  This analytic identifies missing check numbers
//TABLE v_table_payments Payments Table
  Select a table that lists payments and includes a check number column
//FIELD v_check_num CN Check Number
  Select the field that contains the check numbers
//PARAM v_start_date D OPTIONAL Start Date (Optional)
  Enter the start date for the analysis
//PARAM v_end_date D OPTIONAL End Date (Optional)
  Enter the end date for the analysis
  Enter one or more regions to include in the analysis
//RESULT TABLE MissingChecks
//RESULT FILE MissingCheckDetails.xls

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