Importing analysis apps to AX Server

To import one or more analytics to AX Server, you must import the analysis app containing the analytics. If at least one script in an ACL project contains an analytic header, the project can be imported as an analysis app.

To import an analysis app:

  1. Open ACL Analytics Exchange Client, and log in if you are prompted for your user name and password.
  2. In the Server Explorer treeview, select the collection or folder you want to import the analysis app to.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Select File > Import.

    • Right-click the collection or folder and select Import.

  4. Select the analysis app file (.ACL) containing the analytic or analytics and click Open.
  5. In Select the Import Destination, select the folder you want to import the analysis app into.

    Only folders for which you have “Full Permissions” are displayed.

  6. If you want to import data files included with the analysis app, select the Import source data files (.fil files) checkbox.
  7. If you want to overwrite any linked tables in the import destination with any imported standalone or shared tables of the same name, select the Overwrite linked tables with standalone tables checkbox.

    If you leave the checkbox deselected, standalone or shared tables of the same name are not included in the import.

  8. Click Import.
  9. If an analysis app with the same name already exists in the import destination, click Yes in the Replace dialog box to overwrite the analysis app, or No to cancel the import.

    For information about the results of overwriting analysis apps, see the ACL Analytics Exchange Client User Guide.


    When importing an analysis app, any tables included in the import will overwrite identically named tables in the destination folder’s Data subfolder. If an imported and an overwritten table have associated source data files, the overwritten table’s data file is also overwritten.

    The overwriting of identically named tables and data files occurs whether or not the Replace dialog box appears. The Replace dialog box appears in the event of identically named analysis apps. It does not appear in the event of identically named tables imported with uniquely named analysis apps.

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