Packaging analysis apps for the Analysis App window

To distribute analytics you have created, and to allow other users to run them in the Analysis App window, you must package the analysis app containing the analytics. If at least one script in an ACL project contains an analytic header, the project can be packaged as an analysis app.

You also have the option of including one or more of the project tables and associated data files in the packaged analysis app. You should delete any table layouts from the ACL project that you are not going to include in the analysis app. If you do not delete these extra table layouts, they appear without an associated data file in the Analysis App window, which clutters the analysis app and could be confusing to end users.


Before packaging an analysis app make sure you validate the analytic headers of each analytic in the analysis app. For more information, see Validating analytic headers.

To package an analysis app:

  1. In ACL Analytics, right-click the project entry in the Overview tab of the Navigator, and select Package Analysis App.

    The ACL project is the top-level folder in the treeview.

  2. In the Select Tables dialog box, do the following:
    1. If you want to include one or more of the project tables and associated data files in the analysis app, select the table or tables.

      Generally you should include only static tables and data files that are required by one or more of the analytics in the analysis app, such as a master vendor table, or a list of merchant category codes. The assumption is that the analysis app includes an import analytic that imports transactional source data unique to each end user of the analysis app.

    2. Click To and navigate to the location where you want to save the packaged analysis app.
    3. In the Save As dialog box, enter a File name with the .aclapp file extension and click Save.
    4. Click OK.

      The packaged analysis app is saved to the location you specified. Other users can retrieve the packaged analysis app from this location, or you can distribute it by email, or by other appropriate method.

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