Running analytics in AX Client

Use the Run command if you want to run an analytic immediately for ad hoc analysis and do not want to set up a recurring schedule. In order to run an analytic, you must have “Full permissions” for the folder containing the analytic.

If you are using a linked analytic, you may also need “Read only” permissions for the folder containing the master analytic, depending on how your installation of AX Server is configured. For more information, see the section on permissions for linked items in the ACL Analytics Exchange Client User Guide.

Analytics can be run in either the Working directory or the Library.

To run an analytic:

  1. Open ACL Analytics Exchange Client, and log in if you are prompted for your user name and password.
  2. In the Server Explorer treeview, select the analytic you want to run.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Select Analytics > Run.

    • Right-click the analytic and select Run.

  4. If the analytic requires input values, select the way you want to define the input values from the following options:
    • Use an existing set – Select a previously created input value set that includes all the required values and click Run.

    • Copy an existing set – Select a previously created input value set to copy as the basis of a new set, enter the name to assign to the copy, and click Next.

    • Edit an existing set – Select a previously created input value set you want to edit and click Next.

    • Create a new set– Enter a name for the new input value set and click Next to define the values.

    You can also rename or delete one or more existing input value sets at this point in the wizard, prior to running the analytic. For more information, see Renaming analytic input value sets in AX Client, and Deleting analytic input value sets in AX Client.

  5. If you are not using an existing set of input values, enter or edit table, field, or input values as required, and click Next to proceed to the next page of the Run wizard.

    Depending on the complexity of the analytic, you may need to enter several pages of information. If there are optional input values and you want to exclude them, select Do not pass a value to the analytic.


    If multiple input values can be entered in a single field, press Enter after each value, so that each value is on a separate line – unless the analytic instructs you to do something else.

  6. In the Confirm Analytic Input Values page, confirm the information you have entered is correct and click Run.

    This page does not appear if you are using an existing set of input values.

    Use the Analytic Jobs tab and Scheduled Analytic Jobs tab in the Job Status view to view the status of currently running, queued, scheduled, suspended, or previously run analytics.

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