Validating analytic headers

As part of creating an analytic, you should validate the analytic header to ensure that the analytic header syntax is correct. Incorrect syntax in the analytic header will usually cause the analytic to fail. To reduce the chance of distributing faulty analytics, a good practice is to validate the analytic headers of each analytic in an analysis app before packaging the analysis app.

To validate an analytic header:

  1. Open the script containing the analytic header.
  2. Click Validate Analytic Header .

    A message appears telling you the analytic header is valid, or specifying an error and the line number where the error occurs.

  3. If the analytic header contains an error, correct the error and click Validate Analytic Header  again to ensure there are no further errors.

    If the nature of the error is not apparent based on the error message you should review the help topic for the associated analytic tag and carefully compare the syntax in the topic with the syntax in the line of the analytic header. Errors can be caused by minor discrepancies in the analytic header syntax.

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