About ACL Analytics licenses

ACL Analytics licenses are automatically assigned when users activate the ACL Analytics software upon first use (by signing in to ACL Launchpad).

Licenses are assigned to the computer or device used for signing in to ACL Launchpad during activation, rather than to the user. Individual users can install and activate ACL Analytics on more than one computer or device as long as the software is for their own use only, on all computers on which it is installed. If two different users want to use the software, two separate licenses are required.

ACL account administrators cannot manually assign licenses. They can, however, manually revoke licenses.

Releasing a license

There are three ways to release a license:

Licenses are not released when a user signs out of ACL Launchpad through ACL Analytics ( Help > Log Out). The ability to sign out of ACL Launchpad through ACL Analytics, and to sign back in (Help > Activate ACL Analytics), is intended as a convenience for users who belong to more than one ACL Launchpad organization and want an easy way to switch back and forth between organizations.

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