If you are unable to install ACL Analytics, or activate the software once you have installed it, the troubleshooting information in this section may provide a solution.


Please review the information here before contacting ACL Support Services.

Installation troubleshooting

There are a variety of issues that may prevent installation of ACL Analytics. The issues typically fall into one of three categories:

In any of the situations above, you will probably need to work with your IT department to resolve the problem.

Activation troubleshooting

There are a variety of issues that may prevent activation of ACL Analytics. You cannot use the software without activating it. The issues typically fall into one of two categories:

Table 1 contains activation troubleshooting information.

Table 1. Activation troubleshooting


Possible solutions

The Sign in to ACL GRC dialog box does not contain the sign-in fields and displays an error message.


When you enter your sign-in credentials in the Sign in to ACL GRC dialog box no error message is displayed and you cannot activate the software, or the message “activation error occurred” is displayed.

  • Make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet.

  • If your computer is behind a firewall, or connects to the Internet through a proxy server, your IT department may need to add the ACL Analytics (ACLWin.exe) and Internet Explorer executables to the list of applications allowed to access the Internet.

    ACL Analytics needs to access ACL Launchpad (* using port 443.

    Note that ACL Analytics is only compatible with proxy servers and firewalls that provide silent authentication. If your organization’s proxy server or firewall prompts you to authenticate outgoing connections, activating ACL Analytics may fail.

  • If your firewall or proxy server only allows connections to specified IP addresses, contact ACL Support Services for a list of valid IP addresses to allow as exceptions.

  • If your proxy server allows session connections, try opening a browser and connecting to before starting the activation process.

The content in the Sign in to ACL GRC dialog box does not display correctly (for example, the content is too large for the dialog box), or a pop-up window indicates a script error.

  • This issue can occur if the level of Internet Explorer security settings is increased.

    To avoid this issue, you can add https://* to your list of trusted sites in the Internet Explorer settings. Alternatively, you can restore the default security settings in Internet Explorer.

When you enter your sign-in credentials in the Sign in to ACL GRC dialog box one of the following messages is displayed:

  • “Invalid credentials”

  • “You do not belong to an organization”

  • “Your subscription has expired”

  1. Open a supported browser on your computer (IE 9+, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) and navigate to ACL Launchpad (

  2. Sign in using your ACL Launchpad credentials.

    If signing in fails, it could be for one of the following reasons:

    • Your credentials are invalid.

      Confirm that you are using the correct e-mail domain. You should be using your organization’s e-mail domain (for example,, not a domain such as or If you have forgotten your password, use the Reset password option.

    • You do not have an ACL Launchpad account.

      Contact the person in your organization who is the primary contact for ACL and have that person create your user account, or contact ACL Support Services.

  3. If you are able to sign in to ACL Launchpad, click Settings at the top-right corner of the window.

    • Review the entries under Ordered Subscription Types to ensure your organization has purchased ACL Analytics subscriptions. You should see ACL Analytics in this list, with a number indicating how many licenses your organization has purchased.

      If you don’t see this entry it means your organization has not purchased ACL Analytics, or the order has not yet been processed. For further assistance, contact your organization’s primary contact for ACL, your ACL account representative, or ACL Support Services.

    • If you do see ACL Analytics in this list, it means your organization has purchased ACL Analytics subscriptions but there are currently no licenses available for you to use.

      Your organization’s primary contact for ACL should be able to sign in to ACL Launchpad to confirm how many licenses are currently being used, and by whom. If needed, they can release a license for you to use.

  4. If you continue to have issues, take a screen capture of the entries in the following locations in your computer’s registry, and contact ACL Support Services:

    • If you use 32-bit Windows:


    • If you use 64-bit Windows:


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