What’s new?

The process for licensing, installing, activating, and upgrading ACL Analytics has undergone a major change for version 11.

Subscription license only

ACL has made a major change to its licensing model with version 11 of ACL Analytics. Starting with this version, all software licenses will be by subscription only. The former perpetual license model, which used a serial number, has been discontinued. If you are using an earlier version of ACL Analytics and you want to upgrade to version 11 you will need to move to a subscription. Contact your ACL account representative, or ACL Support Services, for more information.

Activation required

During the installation of ACL Analytics 11 you are not required to enter a serial number. Instead, you must activate the software before first use. You activate the software by signing in to ACL Launchpad (www.aclgrc.com), the new portal for downloading all ACL software, and accessing customer services and resources. Instructions for signing in to ACL Launchpad are included in a welcome email from ACL, sent to all licensed users.

ACL account administrator

ACL account administrators are typically the primary contact that ACL has on file for a company. They are responsible for managing their company’s ACL subscription. A different account administrator, or additional account administrators, can be designated if required. For more information, contact ACL Support Services.

Individual customers with a single ACL Analytics license are by default ACL account administrators.

Centralized account management using ACL Launchpad

ACL Launchpad provides centralized account management, which allows ACL account administrators to perform the following tasks:

An ACL Launchpad “organization” can correlate directly with a customer’s company, or a company can set up two or more ACL Launchpad organizations to reflect different divisions or operating units.

For more information, see Using ACL Launchpad to manage your ACL account.

Distributing the ACL Analytics installer

Because ACL software is now subscription based, ACL account administrators can download the ACL Analytics installation package and distribute it to ACL Analytics users within their organization. Distributing the installation package internally can be easier than requiring each user to download it individually.

There is no restriction on the number of users who can install the software. However, the terms of your company’s software subscription dictate the maximum number of licenses that can be assigned at any one time. Installed software that has not been activated using an available license is non-functional. For more information, see Viewing subscription information.

Multi-device installation and activation

Each user with an ACL Analytics subscription can install the software on multiple computers as long as the software is for their own use only, on all computers on which it is installed. For example, any of the following multi-device installations are permitted:

The software must be activated on each computer where it is installed. Software activation is tracked by ACL. If two different users want to use the software, two separate licenses are required. As the ACL Software License Agreement states, “Sharing or pooling a Named User’s license between multiple individuals is strictly prohibited.”

Multi-device installation is available with subscription licenses only, beginning with ACL Analytics 11.1. It is not available with perpetual licenses.

Automatic notification of software updates

You are no longer required to visit the ACL web site to download update installers (new releases, or patch releases). Once you have installed ACL Analytics 11, you are automatically notified of all new releases as they become available, and given the option to download and install the update.

Enhanced customer resources

A number of new and enhanced customer resources, available through ACL Launchpad, accompany the release of ACL Analytics 11. Access to individual customer resources depends upon your subscription type and can be explained by your ACL account representative.

ACL Network Edition discontinued

ACL Analytics – Network Edition is no longer available. Equivalent licensing and distributed software use is available under the new subscription model. For more information, contact your ACL account representative, or ACL Support Services.

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