Searching the help system


The help system requires specific search terms and performs a keyword search. It does not work with a natural language search. For example, entering summarize returns a number of topics. Entering How do I summarize returns nothing.

To search the help system:

  1. Enter a word, or two or three words, you want to search for in the Search text box.

    Initially try your search without any quotation marks. If you want to search for the exact word or words, put double quotation marks around the search term or terms.

  2. Click GO or press Enter.
  3. To view the content of a topic, click the topic title link in the list of Search Results.
  4. To turn search term highlighting off or on, click Highlight Search Terms .
  5. To organize the search results by document, click Show result categories .
  6. To show a short description with each search result, click Show result descriptions .
  7. To specify which documents are searched, do the following:
    1. Click Search scope.
    2. In the Select Search Scope dialog box, select Search only the following topics and click New.
    3. In the New Search List dialog box, enter a name for the search in List name.
    4. In the Topics to search list, select the documents or individual chapters you want to search and click OK.
    5. Click OK to exit the Select Search Scope dialog box and click GO to search only the documents or chapters you specified.
    6. To revert to searching the entire help system, click Search scope and select Search all topics > OK.

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