Used to calculate the value of one or more expressions.


CALCULATE {expression <AS result_label>} <,...>



Specifies the expression to calculate.

AS result_label

Optional. Specifies the name to associate with the result when the result is displayed on screen and in the ACL command log. The result_label parameter must be a quoted string or a valid character expression. It is not a variable name. If this parameter is not specified the expression being calculated is displayed.


The result of the CALCULATE command can be a character, logical, numeric, or datetime value. By separating the expressions to be evaluated with commas, several calculations can be performed simultaneously.

If you enter the command in the command line, the result is displayed on screen. If you use the command in a script the result is recorded in the log. The result_label value is not a variable that you can use in your script. It is only used to identify the calculation on screen or in the log.

The CALCULATE command provides the functionality of a calculator combined with access to ACL functions, variables, and the data in the current record. In a numeric calculation, the result has as many decimal places as the expression component with the greatest number of decimal places. For example, 365.0000/12.0 is calculated to four decimal places.

If the expression contains a field value, the table the field belongs to must be open. You can use the FIND, SEEK, or LOCATE commands to move to the record to be analyzed by CALCULATE.


a. Performing a simple calculation

The following example calculates 4.7 multiplied by 18.5. ACL rounds the result 86.95 to 87.0.

CALC 4.7 * 18.5 AS "Result"

b. Storing the results of the calculation in a new field

The following example calculates the gross margin for the current record using previously defined fields for the sale price and unit cost.

CALCULATE Sale_price - Unit_cost AS "Margin"

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