FIND command

Used to search an indexed character field for the first value that matches the specified character string.


FIND search_value



Specifies the character string to search for. The search_value parameter is case-sensitive, cannot include leading spaces, and must not be enclosed in quotation marks, unless quotation marks are part of the data being searched.



The FIND command and the FIND( ) function are two separate ACL features with significant differences.

Use the FIND command to move directly to the first record in a table containing the specified search_value in the indexed character field.

To use the command, the table you are searching must be indexed on a character field in ascending order. If multiple character fields are indexed in ascending order, only the first field specified in the index is searched. The command cannot be used to search non-character index fields, or character fields indexed in descending order.

Partial matching is supported – that is, the search value can be contained by a longer value in the indexed field. However, the search value must appear at the start of the field to constitute a match.

The FIND command produces one of the following results, depending on whether the search value is found:

The FIND command is not affected by the Exact Character Comparisons option (SET EXACT ON/OFF).


The following example locates the first value in the Card_Number field that exactly matches, or starts with, “8590124”. The Card_Number field has been defined as a character field and is indexed in ascending order.

INDEX ON Card_Number TO "CardNum" OPEN
FIND 8590124
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