PASSWORD command

Used to create a password definition, without a password value, that prompts users for a password while a script is running.


PASSWORD num <prompt>



A value from 1 to 10 that uniquely identifies the password definition.


Any valid character expression to display in the dialog box used to prompt for the password. If a string literal is specified, it must be entered as a quoted string. If the prompt parameter is omitted, a default dialog box with no message is displayed.


You can use the PASSWORD command to prompt for password information before accessing, importing, or refreshing password-protected data in your script. You should prompt for the password if you do not want to hardcode passwords in your scripts using the SET PASSWORD command, or when individual users need to enter distinct passwords.

When users enter passwords at the prompt, the characters entered are displayed as asterisks (*) in the dialog box. The password does not appear in either the script or the log.

The PASSWORD command is not supported in ACL Analytics Exchange analytics or in ACL Server scripts. The SET PASSWORD command can be used to specify passwords in ACL Server scripts, and the PASSWORD tag can be use to prompt for passwords when an ACL Analytics Exchange analytic is scheduled.


a. Prompting for password information

In the following example a series of PASSWORD commands are used to prompt the user for the three passwords required in a script. Once the users enters the required passwords, the script can complete the remaining processing without interruption.

PASSWORD 1 "Enter the password for the Receivables database"
PASSWORD 2 "Enter the password for the Payables database"
PASSWORD 3 "Enter the password for the Customer database"

You can store up to ten distinct passwords in a script file.

b. Specifying a password when refreshing an ACL table

You can combine the PASSWORD command with the REFRESH command to update a password-protected data file, as shown in the following example:

PASSWORD 1 "Password:"

c. Specifying a password to define an ACL Server table

You can use the PASSWORD command with the DEFINE TABLE DB command to define an ACL Server table via ACL Analytics Exchange Connector, which requires a password for the database profile and the associated server profile:

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