PRINT command

Used to print text files, ACL log files, or other ACL project items that have been exported as external files – i.e., scripts (.aclscript), tables (.layout), or workspaces (.wsp). You can also print graphs generated as the output of commands.


PRINT {file_name|GRAPH}



Specifies the name of the file to print. For example, specify "C:\ACL Data\Sample Data Files\ACL_Demo.log" or "Sample Data Files\ACL_Demo.log", or omit the path if the file is in the working folder. If the path or file name includes spaces you must enclose the file_name value in double or single quotation marks.


Specifies that a graph previously output as the result of a command should be printed.


The printer used is the default printer configured in Microsoft Windows. To change the printer you need to change the default printer in Windows.

To print the contents of an ACL table in a project, use the DO REPORT command.


a. Print a log file

To print the log file for the ACL_Demo.acl project, specify the following command:

PRINT "C:\ACL Data\Sample Data Files\ACL_Demo.log"

b. Print a graph

To print the graph produced from the BENFORD command, specify the following commands:

OPEN Metaphor_APTrans_2002
BENFORD ON Invoice_Amount Leading 1 TO GRAPH
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