PROFILE command

Used to generate summary statistics for one or more numeric fields, or expressions, in the active ACL table.


PROFILE {<FIELDS> numeric_field <...n>|ALL} <IF test> <WHILE test>
<FIRST|NEXT range>


FIELDS numeric_field

Specifies the individual field(s) to profile. The FIELDS keyword can be omitted.


Specifies that all numeric fields in the ACL table should be profiled.

IF test

Optional. Specifies a condition that must be met. The command is executed on only those records that meet the condition.

WHILE test

Optional. Specifies that the command is executed only while a condition is true. The command processing terminates as soon as the specified condition evaluates as false, or the end of the table is reached.

FIRST | NEXT range

Optional. Specify FIRST to start processing at the first record or NEXT to start processing at the currently selected record. Use the range value to specify the number of records to process.


The following statistics are displayed for each numeric field or expression specified for the command: Total Value, Absolute Value, Minimum, and Maximum.


The following example profiles the Rate field.

OPEN Employee_Payroll

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