RENAME command

Used to change the names of ACL project items, fields, or text files.


RENAME item_type name <AS|TO> new_name <OK>



Specify the type of ACL project item or file you want to rename:

  • FIELD – Renames physical data fields, computed fields, or variables.

  • FORMAT – Renames ACL tables.

  • INDEX – Renames indexes.

  • REPORT – Renames reports or views.

  • WORKSPACE – Renames workspaces.

  • SCRIPT or BATCH – Renames scripts.

  • DATA – Renames ACL data files (.fil).

  • FILE – Renames a data file in the file system.

  • LOG – Renames ACL log files (.log).

  • TEXT – Renames text files.


The name of the ACL project item or file to rename.

AS|TO new_name

Specifies the new name for the ACL project item or file. You can omit the AS or TO keywords, which are equivalent.


Specifies that the ACL project item or file should be renamed without confirmation.


You cannot rename a field that is either included in the current view or is included in the definition of a computed field. You also cannot rename a table that is currently in use.


To rename the Product_number field as Product:

RENAME FIELD Product_number AS Product OK

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