VERIFY( ) function

Returns a logical value indicating whether the data in a physical data field is valid.





Character, Numeric, or Datetime. Must be a physical data field.


Logical. Returns T (true) if data in the field is valid, and F (false) otherwise.


This function determines whether the data in a field is consistent with the specified data type for the field. For the function to evaluate to true:

Computed fields and expressions always evaluate to T (true), so this function cannot be used with computed fields or expressions unless they are first converted to physical fields. Using the Fields option in the Extract dialog box to extract computed fields or expressions converts them to physical fields.

The VERIFY( ) function provides more precise control over the fields you want to verify than either the VERIFY command or the Verify Data option in the Numeric tab in the Options dialog box ( Tools > Options). You can use the function to detect errors in individual fields and proceed in a situation-specific manner.


The following example extracts any records where the VERIFY( ) function evaluates to false to a new ACL table.

EXTRACT RECORD IF NOT VERIFY(Address) TO "InvalidEntries.fil"

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