The DATA tag specifies that an ACL table output by an analytic is copied to the Data subfolder in the AX folder, or the Windows folder, where the analysis app is located. Typically, you copy tables to the Data subfolder so that they can be used as input tables for subsequent analytics.

Output tables are not automatically copied to the Data subfolder. You must use a DATA tag for each table that you want to copy. You can include multiple DATA tags in an analytic if necessary.


//DATA name

The ACL table name. The name cannot contain any spaces.

You can use wildcard characters in the table name if part of the table name may change. For example, if the table name depends on the month (invoices-jan, invoices-feb, and so on), specifying invoices-* ensures that the table is found and copied regardless of the month suffix.


The name value must be the ACL table name, not the source data file name. For example:

//DATA Missing_Checks


//DATA Missing_Checks.fil


The following example shows part of an analytic that specifies that a ACL table named Invoices should be copied to the Data subfolder after the analytic has run. The Invoices table is created by the IMPORT command and then copied when the analytic processing is complete.

//ANALYTIC Import Table
//DATA Invoices
IMPORT DELIMITED TO Invoices Invoices.fil FROM...

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