Working with analysis apps

Analysis apps are bundled sets of analytics that import and prepare source data, and then perform analysis. Analytics are regular ACL scripts with additional annotations that allow the scripts to run in the Analysis App window, a freestanding component of ACL. If an ACL project (.ACL) contains at least one analytic, it can be packaged and used as an analysis app. The packaging of analysis apps makes them easily portable and sharable.

Users without any scriptwriting knowledge can use the Analysis App window to run analytics created by ACL script writers in ACL. ACL script writers can design analytics that control user input and guide users through the process of running an analytic. This ability to share ACL scripts and analytics in a controlled and easy-to-use manner extends the reach of ACL to a broad range of users without requiring them to learn anything about scripting in ACL, or even to open ACL.

The Analysis App window also provides advanced data interpretations and visualizations, giving you a number of options for reviewing the results of analysis. Experienced ACL users and script writers can also take advantage of these data interpretation and visualization capabilities by converting regular ACL scripts to analytics and running them in the Analysis App window.

For information about developing analytics, including converting scripts to analytics, see the ACL Analytic Developer Guide.

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