Viewing metrics

Viewing metrics allows you to quickly see a statistical overview of the data in a table, which can help identify trends or irregularities.

To view metrics:

  1. In the Analysis App window, click Open beside a results table or a saved interpretation to open it in the Visualizer.
  2. Click Add Visualization .
  3. Select Metrics .
  4. In the Configure Visualization panel, click Select a Category and select one or more fields from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Apply.

    The statistical information for each selected field is displayed.

  6. Click Untitled Visualization and enter a title for the metrics visualization.
  7. If necessary, click Configure and add or remove fields in the Categories displayed field and click Apply to update the metrics visualization.

    You can also drag fields in the Categories displayed field to reorder them in the metrics visualization.

  8. To save the metrics visualization, save or update the interpretation by doing the following:
    1. In the upper right corner, click the Save button, or click the Save drop-down list and select Save.
    2. If required, enter a title for the interpretation and click Save.

      You also have the option of entering a summary describing the interpretation. Once created, the summary can be viewed or edited by clicking the information icon following the interpretation title. The same summary appears for all charts in the interpretation.

  9. If you want to delete the metrics visualization, click Delete chart in the Configure Visualization panel.
  10. To return to the Analysis App window, click Back to Analysis App .
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