About statistics

You can generate detailed statistics on numeric and datetime fields in a table. Statistics are frequently used to get an overview of a table before detailed analysis takes place. You can highlight abnormalities in the data, which you can use to guide your subsequent analysis.

The results of generating statistics are described in Table 1.

Table 1. Results of generating statistics






This is the total range of values from lowest to highest


The number of positive values

The total of all positive values

The average positive value


The number of negative values

The total of all negative values

The average negative value


The number of zero values


The total number of positive, negative, and zero values

The total of all positive, negative, and zero values

The average of all positive, negative, and zero values

Abs Value

The total of all values while disregarding the sign of the numbers

Std. Dev. (optional)

The standard deviation from the mean value

Generating statistics also displays the five highest and five lowest field values. If you want to see more or fewer high and low values, you can change the # of High/Low parameter on the More tab.

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