Modifying relations

You can modify table relations, including adding or removing related tables, changing key fields, and creating expressions. You can also delete a relation entirely.

To modify a relation:

  1. Open the parent table and select Data > Relate.
  2. In the Relations dialog box, do one or more of the following:
    • Delete a relation entirely – Right-click the arrow connecting the two tables and select Delete.

      You cannot delete the relation if any child table fields are referenced in either the current parent view, or in an active computed field. You must first remove the fields from the view, or delete the computed field, or make it inactive. You can make a computed field inactive by switching to a different view, or by closing and reopening the parent table.

      You also cannot delete the relation if it indirectly links another child table to the parent table. You must first delete the relation to the other child table.

    • Remove a table from the relation – Right-click the body of the table and select Remove Table.

      You cannot remove a table without first deleting the table relation (the arrow connecting the table). You cannot remove the parent table. Tables without relations are automatically removed when you exit the Relations dialog box.

    • Add a table to the relation – Click Add Table, select one or more tables, click Add, and click Close. Create the relation to the new table(s) in the usual manner.

    • Edit a relation between two tables – Right-click the arrow connecting the two tables and select Edit Relation, or double-click the arrow.

      You can change the parent and/or child key fields, and select a different index for the child table, if one or more additional indexes already exist. Click OK to save your changes.


      You may have to close and reopen the parent table to refresh the relation so that it reflects the changes you made.

    • Create an expression – Right-click the parent table and select New Expression to open the Expression Builder.

      You can create an expression using fields from the parent and any related child tables. You can only create an expression through the parent table.

    • Auto-arrange tables and relation arrows – Right-click the working area and select Arrange Tables.

  3. Click Finish to exit the Relations dialog box.
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