About local filters (command filters)

Local filters can be applied as part of an ACL operation to restrict which records in a view are processed. For example, you could include a local filter in a totaling operation on an Accounts Payable table to total only the invoices submitted by a particular vendor.

You can build complex filters with multiple criteria to isolate just the data you are interested in analyzing in a table. For example, this filter restricts processing of an Accounts Payable table to invoices from vendor 14438, submitted in 2014, that are $1000.00 or greater:

(Vendor_No = "14438") AND (BETWEEN(Invoice_Date,`20140101`,`20141231`)) AND (Invoice_Amount >= 1000.00)

You can apply only one local filter at a time within an ACL operation, but as the example above shows, you can use Boolean operators to combine multiple criteria in a single filter. You can also use operators to combine two or more existing named filters, or to combine named and ad hoc filters.

A local filter applies to a single execution of a single ACL operation only, and does not alter the display of records in a view. When the operation is complete, the local filter is no longer active. Local filters differ from global filters, which remain active until you remove them, replace them with another global filter, or close the table.

Applying a local filter and a global filter at the same time

You can apply a local filter and a global filter at the same time. In this situation, an ACL operation processes only those records that meet the criteria of both filters. The two filters should be logically consistent. Records excluded by one filter cannot be include by the other filter. For example, if a global filter contains the criteria (Invoice_Amount >= 1000.00), and a local filter contains the criteria (Invoice_Amount >= 500.00), invoice amounts less than $1000.00 are excluded from processing, despite what the local filter specifies.

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