Exporting exceptions to ACL GRC

If you are a user of ACL GRC, you can export exception data in an ACL table to the Results Manager module. To export exceptions, you use the standard procedure for exporting data from ACL, with some minor differences.

The ability to export exception data to a control test in Results Manager requires a specific ACL GRC role assignment, or administrative privileges:

To ensure results are manageable, each export to ACL GRC is limited to 10,000 records. You can export multiple times to the same control test, but a better approach is to create smaller, more focused exception sets prior to exporting.

If you need to export more than 10,000 records to a particular control test, you can use multiple export operations, and the First and Next options in the Export dialog box, to export records in blocks of 10,000, up to a maximum of 100,000 records. All exported blocks are appended in the destination table in ACL GRC. Exports are also limited to 50 columns.

To export exceptions to ACL GRC:

  1. Follow the procedure for Exporting data. At the appropriate points, complete the steps listed below.
  2. In the Export As drop-down list, select ACL GRC.
  3. If you know the ID number of the ACL GRC control test that you are exporting the exceptions to, enter it in the To text box.

    Enter the number without any quotation marks – for example, 99. Enter only the number. Do not enter a file name.

    If you are exporting to a data center located outside the United States, you must also specify the data center code. The control test ID number and the data center code must be separated by the at sign (@) – for example, 99@eu.

    The data center code specifies which regional ACL GRC server you are exporting the data to: ap (Asia Pacific), eu (Europe), or us (United States). The US data center is the default, so specifying @us is optional.

  4. If you do not know the control test ID number, do the following:
    1. Click To, and in the dialog box that appears navigate to the appropriate control test.

      If you are prompted to sign in to ACL GRC, enter your user name (email) and password and click Sign in.

      If you want to sign in as a different user, select Sign in as different user to access the ACL GRC Sign in dialog box.

    2. Select the control test to populate the read-only Control Test ID text box with the control test ID number, and click OK.

      You are returned to the Export dialog box and the control test ID number and data center code are prefilled in the To text box.

  5. Complete any additional steps that you want to perform in the Export dialog box and click OK.

    A progress indicator appears while the exception data is exported to ACL GRC. When the export operation is complete an entry is created in the log.

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