Harmonizing ACL project folders and Windows folders

It is possible to harmonize the structure of ACL project folders and Windows folders if a direct parallel between the two sets of folders is important or helpful for your audit workflow. ACL project folders are not Windows folders, and creating an ACL project folder does not create a corresponding Windows folder. However, you can manually create and manually maintain a parallel folder structure if required. No programmatic link ever exists between the two sets of folders.

To harmonize ACL project folders and Windows folders:

  1. In an ACL project, create the folders you require. For example, “Original Data”, “Working Files”, “Results”, and so on.
  2. In the Windows folder containing the project, or another Windows folder, create subfolders that exactly replicate the structure of the ACL project folders.
  3. Organize your initial audit content appropriately. For example, put original data files such as Excel or Access files in the appropriate Windows folder. When using the Data Definition Wizard to import one of these files to ACL, save the new source data file (.fil) in the same Windows folder as the original data file, or in another appropriate Windows folder. Finally, save the ACL table layout in the ACL project folder that corresponds with the Windows folder containing the new source data file.

    To ensure the table layout is saved in the appropriate ACL project folder, begin the import process by right-clicking the folder.

  4. Prior to performing an operation that saves results to an ACL table, if necessary, use the SET FOLDER command to specify the appropriate ACL project folder for the resulting table layout.

    For more information, see Saving results and specifying results output folders.

  5. In the dialog box associated with the operation, specify the appropriate Windows folder for the source data file using an absolute or relative file path, or by navigating to the folder.

    For example: C:\Results\Classify.fil, or Results\Classify.fil.

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