About histograms

Creating a histogram groups the records in a table, counts the number of records in each group, and displays the groups and counts in a vertical bar chart. You can group the records based on unique values in a character field (similar to classifying), or you can group the records into equal-sized, or custom-sized, numeric intervals (similar to stratifying). Unlike the other grouping operations in ACL, histograms do not support subtotaling numeric fields.

You can create a histogram using sorted or unsorted tables. When you use an unsorted table ACL automatically sorts the output results in ascending order as part of creating the histogram.

In addition to a bar chart, you can also output the results to screen, to a text file, or to print. When outputting results in these formats, you can optionally break down the results based on the values in a character field, such as customer ID or transaction type. For this option to yield meaningful results, the character field you use for the breakdown must be sorted prior to creating the histogram.

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