About duplicates

Duplicate values in one or more fields, or duplicate records, can be the result of data entry errors or fraudulent activity such as splitting credit card transactions to avoid scrutiny. Duplicate values may also occur in a valid context. For example, a transaction table might have duplicate customer numbers that show repeated transactions by the same customers. Fields that must never contain duplicates are ones where the values uniquely identify records. For example, an employee table must never have duplicate employee numbers because each value should uniquely identify each employee.

You can test character, numeric, and datetime fields for duplicates. If letters and numbers appear together in a character field, all alphanumeric characters are tested. For results to be valid, the field(s) being tested must be in sequential order prior to testing. You can sort the field(s) in advance, or use the Presort option during the duplicates test.

You can use ACL to test for duplicates in the following ways:

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