Working with ACL Analytics Exchange Server

You can connect to ACL Analytics Exchange Server (AX Server) from ACL. The component of AX Server you are connecting to is a Windows service called ACL Analytics Exchange Connector.

To connect, you need to use a server profile, which includes connection information for the server, such as the hostname or IP address for the computer where AX Server is located, and the username and password required to access the server. If ACL and AX Client are both installed on your computer, the required server profile is automatically created.

You can create as many server profiles as you require, but you can only connect to one server at a time. When a connection is made to a server, that server becomes the active server, and any server tables or local tables that are already open in ACL are closed.

ACL automatically connects to AX Server when you:

ACL automatically disconnects from AX Server when:

If you want to access database tables using ACL server tables, you also need to create a database profile, which includes the information required to connect to the database, such as the database type and the user account to use to access the database. Connections to Oracle, SQL Server, and IBM DB2 are supported on Windows using database profiles.

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