Connecting to ACL Server

In most cases, ACL connects to ACL Server as required. For example, when you open a server table, ACL uses the server table and database profile used to define the table to connect to the ACL Server and open the table. You can also connect to an ACL Server manually whenever necessary.

To connect to an ACL Server:

  1. Select Server > Connect.
  2. In the Server Profiles dialog box, select the server you want to connect to from the Profile Name drop-down list.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. If you did not save a password with your profile, ACL prompts you to enter a password. If required, enter you password in the Server Profile Password dialog box and click OK.

    While the connection is being established, the Server Activity dialog is displayed listing the progress of you connection and any errors encountered. Once the connection is established, the Server Activity log closes, and ACL displays the connection status in the lower left corner of the Server Profiles dialog box.

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