Deleting database profiles

You can delete database profiles you no longer need. However, before you delete a database profile, you should ensure that it is no longer being used by tables in any of the projects on the workstation or server.

When you attempt to delete a database profile, ACL displays a message indicating that deleting the profile will affect tables defined with the profile. The table and the database profile used to create it are linked because the name of the database profile is stored in the table layout. If this profile cannot be found, ACL prompts the user to select a new profile. If the user selects a profile with more restricted access rights the ACL table may not display the same results as when the original profile was used.

To delete a database profile:

  1. Select Server > Database Profiles.
  2. Select the database profile you want to delete from the Profile Name drop-down list.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Click Yes in the ACL Analytics dialog box.

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