Modifying database profiles

You can modify an existing database profile whenever your settings, such as your password or the name of the database, change.

To modify a database profile:

  1. Select Server > Database Profiles.
  2. Select the database profile you want to modify from the Profile Name drop-down list.
  3. If the server you want to connect has changed, select the correct server profile from the Server Profile drop-down list.
  4. Update the information in any of the following fields, as necessary:
    • Type – Specify the type of database to connect to.

    • User ID – The user account to use to access the database.

    • Password(Optional) The password required to access the database.

    • Service Name – The name of the database to connect to.

  5. Click Save. If you entered a password, ACL displays a message box asking you to confirm whether you want to save the password with the profile. Click OK to save the password with the profile.

    If you do not save your password with the profile, you will be prompted to enter it each time ACL attempts to establish a connection to the database.

  6. Click Close.

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