Avoiding overflow errors in numeric expressions

Calculation results that exceed twenty-two digits, including decimal places, can create overflow errors if the Stop on Numeric Overflow option is turned on. When overflow occurs, ACL stops processing and displays ###ERR### in the view.

Overflow occurs with calculations that involve very large numbers, or numbers with many decimal places, such as financial calculations, percentages, and present values. Overflow also occurs when you use an invalid parameter such as a negative payment period in a financial function, and when you divide by zero in a calculation.

You can turn off the Stop on Numeric Overflow option. ACL then continues to process commands, but it also truncates excess digits, starting from the left, which makes the result inaccurate.

You can create conditional fields to avoid division by zero. For example, in the calculation Gross pay/Hours worked, division by zero occurs if an employee works 0 hours during this particular period. To ensure that ACL evaluates only those fields that contain values other than 0, create a conditional computed field with these values and conditions:

The safer alternative is to leave the Stop on Numeric Overflow option turned on and to exercise caution with values that contain large numbers or numbers with many decimal places. Also, take care with financial function parameters and calculations where division by zero can occur.

When obviously invalid function parameters are used in a financial function, such as negative periods, the function handles the invalid parameter in one of the following ways:

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