Global report printing options

You can configure global print options for all ACL reports in the Print tab of the Options dialog box ( Tools > Options). You can specify margins for printed pages, and you can choose to append information about the ACL table to the report using the following options:

Including record notes in a report

If you want record notes included in a report, you must first add the RecordNote column to the view. Record notes are not affected by any of the global report printing options.

Specifying a standard header and footer

You can use the HEADER and FOOTER system variables to specify a standard header and footer to apply to all reports produced during an ACL session. In the Command Line text box, enter HEADER = "header text", or FOOTER = "footer text". The values you specify are automatically used as headers or footers in all ACL reports, unless you override the values with a header or a footer specified while performing an ACL operation.

To create a multi-line header or footer, use a semi-colon between the lines. For example:

HEADER = "header line 1;header line 2"

The HEADER and FOOTER values remain in effect until the variables are updated or deleted, or until the end of the current ACL session.

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