The graph toolbar

The graph toolbar, located above the graph header, contains buttons that allow you to do the following:

Depending on the method you used to generate the graph and the type of graph being displayed, some toolbar functionality might not be available. For example, the Drill-down command is not available when you generate a graph by selecting data in a view.




Graph Type

Used to select the type of graph that you want to display

Graph Properties

Used to edit graph properties such as font, background, frame, and whether you want the graph display to include axes, legends, or grid lines

Legend Properties

Used to edit legend properties such as font, border, and color schemes for each field displayed in the graph

Axis Properties

Used to edit axis properties such as font, style and scale

Format Data

Used to edit data format properties such as font, which fields to include in the graph, orientation, labels, and color schemes for data series

Label Properties

Used to edit label properties such as font, border, and orientation

Show/Hide Legend

Used to toggle the display of the graph legend

Show/Hide Axis

Used to toggle the display of the graph axis

Print Graph

Used to print the graph to any installed Windows print device

Save Graph as Bitmap

Used to save the graph as a bitmap image file

Copy Graph to Clipboard

Used to copy the graph to the clipboard for pasting into other applications

Edit Command

Used to edit the command that you executed to generate the graph

Rotate Chart Left

Used to rotate a pie chart to the left

Rotate Chart Right

Used to rotate a pie chart to the right


Used to open selected graph segments in a table view for analysis

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