Changing graph axis properties

The Axis Properties dialog box allows you to change the style, scale, and font of a graph axis.

To change axis properties:

  1. Click Axis Properties .
  2. Click the appropriate tab for the axis property you want to edit:
    • Axis Style – Change properties such as style, color, thickness, and the optional inclusion of tick marks to delineate regular intervals on the axis.

    • Axis Scale – Specify minimum and maximum values to display on the axis and major units by which the axis is divided. Select Auto to have these values automatically assigned. You can also specify the orientation of any text values you choose to display.

    • Font – Change axis text font, style, size, color, or background settings.

  3. Click OK.

    You can right-click the axis to switch between a vertical and horizontal representation of the axis. You can also click Show/Hide Axis in the toolbar.

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