Changing graph types

The default graph type is a 3D bar graph. Depending on the type of data you are working with, you can display graphs in the formats listed below. Only options that apply to the data in your graph are available. Options that do not apply are disabled.

Graph type


2D bar graph

3D bar graph

2D stacked graph

3D stacked graph

2D pie chart

3D pie chart

3D layered graph

Line graph

Benford graph


If you want to change the default type of graph that ACL generates, enter an appropriate SET GRAPH command on the command line.

To change the graph type:

  1. Click Graph Type .

    If the results you are graphing contain a single item, ACL dims the stacked and 3-D layered options. If the results contain multiple items, stacked and layered options are available but pie chart options are unavailable.

  2. Click one of the available graph formats.
  3. Click OK.

    To separate the sections of a pie graph, right-click on a section and select Explode Pie.

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